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Stemming from her parents, God Bud and Burmese, the Ambrosia strain is a high that will hit you almost instantaneously and will be felt throughout your body. Her mother, Burmese is a sativa from the Mighty Mite Seed Company and was voted #1 People’s Choice at the Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl in 2002. For dad, God Bud from Jordan of the Islands, is a mostly indica plant, popular for it’s tropical sweet flavor. Ambrosia produces a large amount of dense and sticky buds with yellow leaves and orange hairs. Absolute Extracts

Buy Ambrosia Absolute Extracts Carts.

Named for the nectar of the gods, Ambrosia is a balanced hybrid that offers sweet flavors and uplifiting highs.

100% live resin vape cartridges. Seasonally fresh, strain-specific. Robust full-spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profiles of live flower, fit for the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur. Available in CCELL hardware technology for superior performance and safety. Buy ambrosia absolutextracts carts online.

Ingredients: Live Resin


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