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Orange Creamsicle is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strainmade by crossing Orange Crush with Juicy Fruit. This strain produces happy and uplifting effects that help clear your mind. With a THC content of 19%, medical marijuana patients choose Orange Creamsicle to treat conditions like chronic nausea and anxiety. As the name suggests, this pungent strain has a loud citrus flavor and aroma. According to growers, Orange Creamsicle is a heavy producer that has an average flowering time of 9 weeks. Orange Creamsicle buds feature stunning foliage of orange and white with a thick coating of resin. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or consumed this strain before, tell us about you experience by leaving a review. Buy Orange Creamsicle Absolute Extracts Carts 

Orange Creamsicle is a hybrid strain that offers notes of orange and vanilla earthiness, along with a euphoric, cerebral high. This strain’s relaxing effects make it a great way to unwind from a long day.


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